Academic Staff College, Trivandrum

In the present situation, the teacher has the greatest role in moulding the future of the country of all professions, his is the noblest, the most difficult and the most important . He should be an example to his pupils. If a teacher has a vice, thousands are polluted. If he is dedicated and pure, thousands of children will be improved and the nation will gain from educated men and women of character

A professional teacher is one who possesses certain constructs, knowledge, skills, understanding, and dispositions which he religiously utilizes in teaching. A teacher should be highly motivated and inspired in order to introduce innovations in teaching. The motivation will stem from basic knowledge of the subject, confidence, moral values, job-dignity and self-knowledge. Whole activity calls for systematic training and development. A multi-dimensional approach of developing competencies is required.

Skill upgradation has always been high on the agenda of IHRD. In consonance with this, the Academic Staff College has been launched to enhance the skills of IHRD staff. Various programmes are being designed for faculty members to help them get updated on the latest trends in academics and  industry. The refresher programmes are aimed at helping the faculty members augment their knowledge base and to improve their teaching skills

Academic Staff College has been inaugurated at the IHRD HQ on 14th January 2009. The Hon'ble Minister for  Education and Culture  Shri. M.A.Baby inaugurated the facility, in the presence of the Director, Joint Director and Deputy Director of IHRD.