About the course

This 5-day online course offers a unique opportunity for Plus Two students to explore the exciting field of AI and Generative AI, develop new skills, and gain valuable insights into the technologies shaping the future. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience, making it accessible and engaging for young learners. The learning sessions typically cover topics such as understanding of AI fundamentals, machine learning, neural networks, and generative models such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). significance in creating text, images and music, creative and imaginative capabilities of generative AI, Ethical and Social Implications of AI, future trends and career opportunities.

The sessions included in this online course cover

•    Fundamentals of AI and Generative AI
•    Significance of AI in today's world.
•    Basics of machine learning
•    Generative AI- Current status and Trends
•    How generative AI is used in creative industries, such as art, design and music composition.
•    Applications of generative AI in areas such as Text, image, Audio and video generation.
•    AI Ethics and Challenges
•    Explore upcoming trends in AI and Generative AI.

Resource Persons
The sessions of this online course will be conducted by a team of distinguished academicians with in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise in the field of AI

Registration Fee:Rs. 590/- (inclusive of GST)

Who can participate?
The proposed online course is designed for students who have completed their class XII examinations in March 2024

An E-Certificate will be issued to all participants who fulfill the attendance requirement as per the online course norms.

Participants interested in attending this online course must complete the mandatory online registration. Selection of participants will be conducted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Participant registration*

The registration window will be open for as per the following schedule


   05 June 2024  to  10 June, 2024 (Open up to 7.00 PM 10/06/2024)





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