About the course

The objective of this online course is to empower participants with a clear and practical understanding of AI and generative AI, enabling them to make informed decisions, contribute to the field, and potentially apply these technologies in their careers or research. The learning sessions typically cover topics such as  Ethical and Social Implications of AI, significance in creating text, images and music, creative and imaginative capabilities of generative AI, future trends and career opportunities.

Sessions included

  • Fundamentals of AI and Generative AI
  • Significance of AI in today's world.
  • Generative AI- Current states and Trends
  • How generative AI is used in creative industries, such as art, design and music composition.
  • Applications of generative AI in areas such as Text, image, Audio and video generation.
  • AI Ethics and Challenges
  • Impact on education business and society
  • Explore upcoming trends in AI and Generative AI.

Resource Persons

The sessions of this online course shall be conducted by a team of eminent academicians and industry experts with in-depth knowledge in the field of AI.

Registration Fees  :  Rs.500/­- for All Categories (Student/Faculty/Others)

Who can participate?

The proposed online course are designed for professionals, researchers, students, and anyone interested in generative AI. Whether you are a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced practitioner seeking to expand your knowledge and skills, this online course provides valuable insights and practical knowledge to advance your exploration in the field of AI.


E-Certificate will be issued to all participants who satisfied the attendance requirement as per online course norms.

Participants interested to attend this online course need to make compulsory online registration. Selection of participants will be done based on first-come-first-serve basis. Shortlisted candidates will be informed through email.

Participant registration*

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Online Participants

 Students/Faculty/Others - 30 November  to  02 December, 2023  (Open up to 05 PM 29/11/2023)






Session 1
( 7 PM to 8 PM)

Session 2
( 8 PM to 9 PM)

Day 1

AI and its overview  Generative AI Current states and Trends


Generative AI- How it works and prompting


Day 2

AI  in text generation -Document preparation and presentation Tools

Creative Tools: Image,  Music and art generation tools

Day 3

AI  Ethics and Challenges

Valedictory session



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