A two-day ‘Advanced  Network Management’ is being organized by the Academic Staff College on on 4th week of September  2009 for the benefit of staff members of IHRD institutions managing computer networks. The course has been planned to equip the staff members cope up with the wide-ranging threats to computers and networks.

The course has been so designed to give the staff exposure to secure network configuration, maintenance and some basic ideas about cyber security. The topics proposed to be covered in the course are mentioned below. The sessions will be held handled by subject experts.

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The venue for the course  is Academic Staff College, IHRD Head office, Trivandrum. Sessions will be held from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Staff members attending the course will be given TA/DA as per rule


 Date Topic 


24/09 Introduction 9.30 -9.45 BERT E K
  Network Topologies 9.45 -10.30 Deepak Shenoy
  Campus Networking – Pain Points 10.30-11.15 BERT E K
  Ethernet Switching 11.30-12.30 Deepak Shenoy
a Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3    
b Switches, Hubs    
c Repeaters.    
d Switches – Layer2    
e Layer3.    
f Managed switches and Unmanaged swithces-Comparison    
  Virtual Private networks(VPN). 12.30-1.00 BERT E K
  Configuration and impelemntation.    
  Ethernet Cabling 1.30 -2.30  
a Passive componets.    
b Racks, information outlets,    
c Patch Panel,    
d Patch cord,    
e connectors, cables etc.    
  Wireless 2.45 -4.00 Deepak Shenoy
a Wireless Networking standards, Access points. Network Interface cards. ,   BERT E K
b IEEE standards. IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g    
c Wireless network security.    
d MAC address filtering, Wired Equivalent Privacy(WEP) encryption.    
e Implementation in Campus    
  Case studies    
25/09 Intranet, Internet. 9.30 -10.30 Deepak Shenoy
a Leased lines – Modems and routers .    
b Broadband internet. ADSL Modems.    
  Fire wall 10.45-11.15 BERT E K
  Servers 11.30 --12.45  
a FTP server    
b mail server    
c Proxy server    
d Domain Name servers    
  Security and surveillance in Campus 1.30 -2.30 Deepak Shenoy
  Implementation in Windows and Linux 2.45-3.15  
  Conclusion 3.15 -4.00 All